Tara Makhmali is the author of MISSWIRED, the founder of CommonSmarts.com (a blog site for the naturally curious), and the CEO of CommonSmarts Media, LLC, a consulting company dedicated to harvesting the relationship between creative impulse and logic to create excellent products and services.

Tara was born in Iran during the height of conflict. Her family left shortly after the revolution, at the time of the Iran-Iraq war, to pursue higher education. She may be the youngest Iranian-American fiction novelist living in the United States today.

She has worked in various leadership roles for notable companies such as HBO, Bridgewater Associates, FCB Advertising, and Pearson Publishing.  See LinkedIn Profile.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Massachusetts in Boston where she was fortunate to attend school tuition-free. Previously, she attended Northeastern University where she completed the major requirements for the Communication Studies program. She is a PMI certified Project Manager (PMP). 

Tara currently resides in Hoboken, New Jersey, with her husband, a prominent New York City litigator, their beautiful daughter, and their flatulent English bulldog.  

In her spare time, she plays classical piano and guitar, which you can see some of here.

Above all, she is a curious person who cares deeply for people and progress.

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