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Recruiting for Adaptability and Culture Fit May Lead to Exclusion of Diverse Talents: How to Hire Tactfully

I hate it when anyone starts a hiring pitch with some line about how the world is changing fast and how you need to hire highly “adaptable” people with “can do” attitudes who “fit the culture” of your company.

Not only is it a tired line, but I actually believe it is a failing sentiment. Do not get me wrong, I think most of us want to work in an environment where we evolve at a pace that is in line with our personal ambitions, and in line with the real needs of our peers, clients, and customers. But, we cannot lose sight of the fact that, for our health and happiness (both individually and collectively), we should evolve at a pace that is in line with nature.

We use the term “adaptable” with such absentmindedness these days that sometimes I think people forget we can adapt for better or for worse.

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How to Hire the Right Project Manager (the first time)

You’ve decided to hire a Project Manager (PM). You have a behemoth of a goal (or problem) to tackle, and you’re smart enough to know you can’t juggle all the moving parts without one. Good for you!

Whether you’re instigating a search through a recruiter, or requesting a PM through your existing Project (Or Program) Management Office, there’s some upfront homework you need to do before moving forward.

This post is designed specifically to help you identify the right PM—as opposed to the left one, or the wrong one—starting with bridging the gap between your perceived needs and your actual needs.