Thoughts on the outcome of the US election

“Pain + Reflection = Progress”

–Ray Dalio

As long as we learn to embrace one another, we will be all right. Maybe even great. I heard a lot of noise during this election and it buried and confused the issues for too many people. It’s still unclear to me what happened that allowed our election to play out as it did. Many people believe our country voted from their pockets, and I am not opposed to this idea because I experience love every day from people of all different political affiliations and backgrounds and from every corner of the earth.

Sure, a bunch of misogynistic bigoted racists may have played some small role, but I intuit that this situation is much more nuanced than what meets the eye and feeds into fear.

I will continue to work to understand the deeper whats. I’m calling them whats and not whys because the mind has a tendency to divulge into automatic implicit hate when you begin diagnosing people whom you’ve never set out to befriend.

We have to believe in the goodness of people. There is no other choice.

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