Shifting the Lens on the Present Moment to Experience Joy

Somewhere, everywhere, toddlers around the world are teaching their parents to slow down, to take a breather, to just enjoy.

“Just enjoy!”

Oh how that phrase used to bother me! It meant “tolerate the intolerable, suck it up.”

I found a new way to hear it.

It starts with a question.

How can I experience joy right now?

Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. But this moment. This moment that is a present.

I don’t have to tolerate the intolerable. I shouldn’t.

What can I do to make this fun?

Zoom in on the pleasure. Pan out on the pain. Pick a new focal point.

Remove something from the recipe. Add something.

Lemon with honey, cranberries with sugar, a pinch of this and a dash of that is what makes a delicious meal delicious.

Maybe I’ll turn up the volume. There’s a song playing that I like.

Maybe I’ll tune out the noise. Now I can hear.

Now I can receive.

You don’t need to enjoy to be in joy.

You are in joy.

Euphoria is inside.

Happy Everything

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