Our Story

CommonSmarts.com is a blog site that was founded in 2013, which covers a broad range of topics from employee engagement to entrepreneurship to recruiting to life writ large. Originated under the notion that our shared understanding of how the world works (our “CommonSmarts”) is confusing, and that one should ask questions and seek truth, Tara Makhmali, the founder of CommonSmarts.com, first published an article titled “I’m a Millenial, Focker; Can You Milk Me?”, which humorously sought to clarify beliefs about millennials and how they wish to be treated in the workplace. 

Since then, CommonSmarts has branched out into other arenas. In 2017, CommonSmarts Media, L.L.C. was formed as an independent publishing company dedicated solely to Tara Makhmali’s literary conquests, first publishing the ebook Misswired in July 2017, followed by the paperback of Misswired in April 2018 to a much wider audience. In 2018, CommonSmarts Media, L.L.C. transformed itself into a consulting company dedicated to advising smart professionals in the legal services, technology, and recruiting industries as they tackle lofty goals, evaluate important problems, and manage and mitigate disputes. 


Tara Makhmali, PMP, is the founder of CommonSmarts Media, L.L.C., and the author of Misswired, a literary mystery that was featured by Kirkus Reviews and the Jersey Journal. In early 2018, Tara was featured by Hoboken Girl and in SWAAY magazine. Tara has worked in various leadership capacities for notable companies such as Pearson Publishing, FCB Advertising, Bridgewater Associates, and HBO. For the last year and a half, Tara has acted as a trial strategy consultant on a complex commercial litigation involving the efficacy and valuation of a large-scale insurance policy administration system—and the contractual obligations of former shareholders of an insurance company, and a third-party technology systems and services provider—before, during, and after the sale of an insurance company to its new owners for over $63 million. After a four-day bench trial before the Honorable Justice Ostrager of the Supreme Court of New York, Commercial Division, the client was awarded a nearly $5 million judgment. 

Tara holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Massachusetts in Boston, and since 2010, she has been a PMI certified Project Manager, PMP. In her spare time, she reads voraciously, and plays classical piano and guitar. She currently resides with her husband, her two daughters, and her old English bulldog.

Above all, she is a curious person who cares deeply for people and progress.